Drilling Motors & Completion Tools IMPEL

State-of-the-art design, manufacturing, sales, rent, and service of downhole (Drilling Motors) and completion tools that are reliable and competitively priced.

Drilling Motors & Completion Tools

Mud Motors
 Reliable PDM design and wide range of power sections ensure well drilling at any conditions.
  Optimum RPM / torque ratio of power sections manufactured using best worldwide technologies
  Adjustable bent housings ensure reliable directional control at severe horizontal drilling conditions
  Sleeve stabilizers available
  Standard bearing section with operation life up to 250 hours
  Reinforced bearing section with operation life up to 350 hours
  Enhanced axial and radial bearings for reliable operation under loads
Power sections
 Various stator elastomers for WBM, OBM, SOBM and HT
  Best worldwide manufacturing technologies
  Power sections design and manufacturing
  Corrosion resistant plating or TC coated
  Chrome plated
  Length of up to 7 m
  Power sections with increased torque
  Optimal ratio of revolutions and torque
  Customized equipment selection for specified drilling conditions
Drilling Jars
 Surface adjustable mechanical part to protect against accidental activation while drilling
  Enhanced hydraulic section reliability and operational stability
 Laser hardened splined connection for secure torque transfer
  Open hydraulic parts are tungsten carbide coated
 Wide temperature range up to +428°F
  Enhanced, robust and reliable design
  Optimized hydraulic for maximum impact
  Impact force adjustment for jarring up and down

Unique design of rotor-stator and valves coupling allows oscillator creates low frequency vibration to lower friction factor between BHA and borehole

 Improved weight on bit transfer and smoothness
  Improve ROP
  Helps to drill extended sections
  Reduces risk of differential stucking
  Lower friction of drillstring in borehole
  Stabilizes tool face during sliding with Motors
Downhole shock tools

Downhole shock tool is designed to absorb axial vibrations that occur while drilling

 In case of rotary drilling the shock tool is placed above the bit, in case of PDM use, the ST is placed in BHA above the PDM
  shock tool design ensures its reliable operations at various axial loads on bit and differential pressures
  Splined connection ensures reliable torque transferring to bit
  Improves ROP
  Reduces bit vibrations
  Reduces bit vibrations
  Increases BHA components life
  Minimizes risk of BHA components failure
Circulation subs

Circulation sub is a flow bypass system which can be activated multiple times. A simple tool installed in BHA allows redirecting flow from inside of drillstring to annulus bypassing everything what is below

 Can be used to pump all kind of sweeps
  Can be used to pump all kind of LCM
 Can be used to pump acids
  Two points stabilization of internal piston to avoid jamming
 Double main seals to increase reliability
  Main components are made of stainless steel
  Spring isolated from direct mud flow to improve reliability
  Usage of rubber ball for activation allows to simplify design and increase reliability

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