Downhole Pressure & Temperature Monitoring IMPEL

Providing real-time downhole pressure and temperature monitoring solutions for both conventional and non-conventional developments. Vertically integrated with reliable downhole data.

Downhole Pressure & Temperature Monitoring

Monitoring Artificial Lift Systems

Accurate downhole data is crucial for maximizing efficiency and ROI in artificial lift systems. We offer an optimized solution tailored to the type of lift and the specific characteristics of your well.

Subsurface Surveillance

Reliable data is invaluable when surveying a reservoir. Our reservoir surveillance solutions offer the highest resolution downhole data available.

High Temperature

Accurate, real-time data is essential for efficient management of a high-temperature downhole environment. At GEO PSI, we provide the most reliable high-temperature solutions on the market.

Downhole Environment Monitoring

Monitoring the downhole environment is crucial for ensuring protection and avoiding costly mistakes. Our systems offer an accurate and cost-effective solution.

Downhole Tools

Downhole Gauges

Downhole Cable

Fiber Optics

Protectors & Carriers

Wellhead Feed Through

Surface Electronics