Well Head Isolation Tools Rental & ServicesIMPEL

Providing Integrated well head isolation tool (WHIT) rental solutions and services equipment for production, completion, and workover phases.

Well Head Isolation Tools Rental & Services

Frac Stack
 Frac Valves
  Zipper Manifolds
  Zipper Bridge System
  Coiled Tubing Frac Head
  Remote Greasing
  Torque & Test
Isolation Tool
 Frac Tool
  Casing/Tubing Saver
Production Services
 Tubular Rentals
  Blow Out Preventer
 Rig Support Equipment
  Sand Control / Gravel Pack
Ball Launcher
 Proprietary Automatic Launcher
Falcon Flowback
 Flowback/Well Testing
  Drillout Support
  Sand Control
Wireline Support
 Wireline Pressure Control Packages
  Top Entry Access Systems (TEAS)
 Top Entry Safety Packages
  Hydraulic Latches
  Wireline and Slickline Support Equipment
Thru Tubing
 Tempress HydroPullTM
  Tempress Technologies
 HFHT Motors
  Fishing & Milling Services